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Maritime CollectionThe Maritime Collection of Chersonissos is located in Chersonissos Port village and is open all year round. It is a private museum organization and is the result of a long time effort during which the items, related to maritime history, had to be collected and classified.

The exhibits presented and exhibited in this collection were purely functional and have been used on ships. The various maps exhibited in the Maritime Collection of Chersonissos are of a particular interest. These are ancient maps of Greece and other countries from the 16th to 20th century. There are also rare books and nautical aids of that period as well as nautical instruments and tools from the late 17th century until the mid-20th.

In particular, the exhibition sections are: Crete and sea, Cartography, Rare books, Greek hulls, Nautical instruments, Watches, Barometers, Signals and communication media and lastly Various nautical objects.

The Maritime Collection of Chersonissos is making a special effort in order to create all these and its aim is to become a benchmark and the center for those who are interested in general in maritime and especially in maritime history in Crete, Greece and worldwide.

In near future, the Maritime Collection of Chersonissos aims at expanding its museum space by adding more exhibits, developing educational programs for students of all levels of education, creating interactive applications for each thematic section of the museum and building traditional boats, exclusively Greek ones, in order to be exhibits for the museum.

Should you need additional information, please visit the Maritime Collection of Chersonissos site.