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AnalipsiAnalipsi village is located about 24 km east of Heraklion and belongs to the Municipality of Hersonissos. It is a beautiful tourist area that preserves several traditional elements. It is known as Analipsi of Hersonissos because it is very close to the popular Harbor of Hersonissos which is only 5km away. As in many villages, the village of Analipsi was named after the church of the Ascension of Christ (Analipsis tou Christou) and thus the area Analipsi (Ascension) took its name.

The area of Analipsi was originally developed during the Ottoman domination. The settlement was called Svourou Metochi by the Ottoman squire Svouro, until 1981. After the Ottomans’ departure from Crete, Analipsi was seized by the shepherds of the village of Agios Georgios (Saint George) which is located at the Lasithi Plateau. The shepherds needed a warm place for their animals when, during the winter months, the Lasithi Plateau was full of snow. The area began to grow as more and more villagers from the mountainous regions moved down and built homes.

Analipsi is less developed in tourist sector comparing to the surrounding areas. The main road of Analipsi crosses the area vertically from the Former National Road Heraklion-Agios Nikolaos and is approximately 1km to the beach. Along the street, there are tourist shops, supermarkets and car rental companies. The choices of restaurants and taverns in the village are numerous. There is also a beautiful paved square and a palm tree in the center. The visitor can walk among the traditional narrow streets of the old part of Analipsi village and enjoy the beautiful gardens as well as discover the beautiful places of the village.

Arriving at the beach of Analipsi, there is a small church, next to the sea, dedicated to Agia Marina. East of the church, there is the main beach of Analipsi, a large sandy beach with umbrellas and chairs. West of the church, the beach is rocky. At the western part of the beach, there is also the estuary of the Aposelemis River that flows into the sea. This river is an important wetland of northern Crete, where many migratory birds and animals find shelter.

The coastal road extends about 2 km and the visitor can find along it the beaches of Analipsi and some restaurants. In Analipsi, there are also several hotels and rooms to rent that meet the needs of the visitors while, simultaneously, the village of Analipsi is an ideal and quiet place for family holidays.