• 25

    18:00 -19:00

    On Thursday 25/10 at 18:00, the evening prayer of the feast of St. Demetrius will take place at St Demetrius Church in Malia.

  • 28

    All day


    October 28th, 1940, is a historic national anniversary that is celebrated every year in Greece. This day commemorates Greece’s denial of the Italian ultimatum that was delivered on 28th of October in 1940 to Greek Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas, demanding the free passage of the Italian army from the Greek-Albanian border and thus to invade Greece. The Greek Prime Minister answered “OCHI” (NO) to the Italian Ambassador, thus expressing a negative stand on Italian demands and therefore it is mentioned as “Ochi Day”.

    The consequence of this refusal was the entrance of Greece in the Second World War and the beginning of the Greek-Italian war in 1940. This date was established to be celebrated in Greece each year as an official national holiday and a public holiday.

    The Municipality of Hersonissos celebrates each year this significant national holiday. Specifically, for the celebration of the National Anniversary, the following events take place.

    Municipal and public buildings in all municipal units of the Municipality of Hersonissos as well as schools are being decorated with Greek flags.

    All Greek Orthodox churches in the Municipality of Hersonissos will be holding special services on that day.
    Wreaths are being placed at Monument’s sites in the Harbor of Hersonissos, at the headquarters of the Municipality of Hersonissos in Gournes, in Analipsi Hersonissos, in Malia, in Episkopi and in Mochos.

    In addition, parades are being carried out by the children and pupils of the Municipality of Hersonissos at the headquarters of the Municipality of Hersonissos in Gournes, in front of the Town Hall, at the Hersonissos Harbor on the main street of El. Venizelos, in Malia on the main street of El. Venizelos, in Episkopi, from Primary School to the Monument, and in Mochos.

  • 28

    20:30 -22:30

    The Municipality of Hersonissos organize the theatrical performance of Aristophanes’ The Birds with the Theater Group “Irida” on Sunday, 28th October 2018 at 8:30 pm. The show will be free of charge (In Greek, without translation).

    Concerning the play:
    The Birds (Ornithes) was presented in 414BC in the City Dionysia and is considered the most successful work of Aristophanes.

    It deals with civil and military practices –with no reference to what was happening then in Athens- in an attempt to describe an ideal society and to prove the certain failure of it. The Birds are the need of man to fly, to create a new world and to come in contact with his true desire.

    Euelpides (Goodhope) and Pisthetaerus (Trustyfriend) are forced to leave Athens and to create their own city between land and sky. They named it “Nephelococcygian” or literally “cloud-cuckoo-land”. Unfortunately, in a while, there are found other people there too, that they want either to take part in the establishment of this city or to benefit from it. In this way, with this comedy, Aristophanes finds the opportunity to ridicule the slanderers and adulators of the municipality (of Athens) as well as the theories of new governments.

    Chersonissos Port Aristophanes Birds