Mochos : “Xinochondro and Mouzoudia”


The second Saturday of Carnival, it is a custom to have a big open air party in the center of the village of Mochos and the custom is called “Xinochondro and Mouzoudia”. They cook xinochondro (or trachana) [ dried cracked wheat and fermented milk that is used to make a soup ]. They cook xinochondro and they offer it for free to the people who participate the festivity. All attendants have to make some black signs on their face. In the past this was done by using the ashes of the fire that cooked xinochondro.

Here is a video as prepared by a local TV channel showing the preparations for "Xinochondro and Mouzoudia".

The event is organized the 2nd of March 2019, at 16:00 starts the event for the children and later starts the party for the elder that continues until early in the morning. Xinochondros, wine and refreshments are free, but beer and souvlaki are sold.

Mochos Xinochondro Mouzoudia 2019

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