Holy Epiphany

2019-01-06 10:30 - 13:00

The Holy Epiphany (Also Theophany), which is celebrated each year on 6th of January, is one of the greatest celebrations of Christianity. Epiphany is a custom that symbolizes the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan. The name Epiphany (derives from a verb means “to appear”) came from the voice of God heard on Earth and the revelation of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Epiphany is also called Theophany or ta Fota (The Day of the Lights). Ta Fota (the Lights) are named in this way, because as the recessional of this celebration says in the end, Jesus Christ came to enlighten the world, through Baptism and Confirmation.

The main ceremonies of Epiphany are the Blessing of the Waters (Religious ceremony taking place within the Churches) and the Tossing of the Holy Cross (Religious ceremony) following the Blessing of the Waters. The tossing of the Holy Cross takes place in a beach, in harbours, rivers or lakes and in need in water tanks. During the tossing of the Holy Cross, the priest will bless the waters by casting a cross into the water. Young people, in particular, dive into the icy waters to first grab the Cross and receive the blessing from the priest, as well as accept the honor and wishes of the inhabitants of that place.

On this holiday, the names Fotini, Fotis (Fotios), Ourania, Iordanis (Jordan), Theophanis and Theocharis celebrate.

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