Episkopi : Music Documentaries by Antonis Tolakis and Angelos Kovotsos, Music “Genesis” by Giorgos Volikas

Episkopi 5th Aegean Arts International Festival

Tonight we welcome two outstanding Greek film producers, Angelos Kovotsos and Antonis Tolakis, who will host an open dialogue and present their award winning short documentaries “The Musical Journey of Konstantinos Diminakis”, an inspiring story of a young conductor’s determination to follow his dreams, and “StringLESS”(!), the story of an acapella vocal group of five women from Thessaloniki who create beautiful and alternative music with a female identity. The evening will also feature a performance by the Greek composer Giorgos Volikas, who will present a selection of works from his first CD “Genesis”.

In Panagiotakis Garden Theatre in Episkopi Pediados.

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